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We will monitor and organize the regular maintenance of your second property or vacation home. Don’t rely on friends or neighbors to take care of your property. You also cannot count on your security system to tell you everything going on inside your home. Home Watch is a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.


Home Watch Services

We have an extensive, customizable checklist for both interior & exterior inspections. A checklist and photos are emailed to you after each visit.

Interior Checkpoints –  Water heaters, under sinks, ice makers, washers, osmosis systems, dishwashers any common source of leaks, etc.

Exterior Checkpoints – Make sure alarms are set, check screens for potential point of entry, locks, door jams, windows, fences, gates, etc.



  • In your absence we can help manage home repairs, renovations, construction, carpet cleaning, window washing, pest control appointments, deliveries, etc
  • We can retrieve mail and toss junk mail, put trash cans in or out, reset security alarms, reset timers in case of power outage or time change, start & run garaged vehicles.
  • Arrange for housekeeping, handyman or appliance service, we have a handful of trusted tradesmen we can recommend (payment and project scope are up to the homeowner).
  • Help with home arrival, home departure, transport service to OC Airport also available.
  • We can also help with a senior parent that might need assistance with any of the above.
  • Should an emergency occur, we will be hands on to provide immediate resolve, and meet police or fire department.

Concierge Services

We can design custom solutions to meet your unique needs.

Simplify your life, let us be of help.Custom Checklist

  • Pre-arrival services
  • Post-departure services
  • Help manage guest
  • Stock the fridge
  • Run errands
  • Transportation to OC Airport
  • Arrange Housecleaning
  • Real Estate Services
  • Meet deliveries
  • Tell us what you need and we will accommodate!

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